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The 21st meeting of the Northern Ireland WW1 Centenary Committee will take place in Belfast at 11am on Friday 10th June 2016.

RoD 18th Committee Meeting

Committee Members April 2014

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4 thoughts on “Committee Activity

  1. Anne Hunter

    I was told by a friend that you wish the public to attend at local war memorials on 1st July. Would you not need to publicise this if you wish people to turn up? I had to go looking for the information and I have not found anyone else who knows about it.

    1. Kingsley Donaldson Post author

      Anne – thank you for your comment. I’m sorry if you feel that having to look for the information was a chore. We will try to do better. However, we are simply suggesting that people might want to mark the Vigil by going along to their local war memorial. Its an entirely voluntary initiative and very much down to individuals how they wish to mark the Somme Battle.



    I am a RBL MEMBER i served 5 years as an mod special constable 22 years in the UDR and ROYAL IRISH i was supposed to be kept up to date of events
    Unfornuitly i am disabled due to my service and i care for my wife who is very ill, i found out about the events yesterday i am a member of the holding branch as i cant go to any meetings as i have also PTSD and dont get any help with my illnes i have had treatment from the AFTER CARE SERVICE and did have a support group with combat stress , they are going to try to help me
    But this aniversery is one i wanted to take part in but i will watch the parade in Carrickfergus were i live now and go home i am dissapointed ther were no adverts ref time ect but at least Rememberance day will be better organised
    I do apprecitate the work that has been done hope the events are well attended
    I am an old school freind of Thomas Beckett and would love to hear from him

    1. Kingsley Donaldson Post author

      Mr Williamson, I’m sorry if you feel that you missed out on this occasion. We felt that the Festival was widely known about but I do understood that not everyone got to hear about it. I hope that you enjoyed the parade – the Irish Guards Band seemed to be well received by the crowds.


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